Peer Mentor Network provides tutoring in the following subjects:

Language Arts

Grammar, vocabulary, and spelling


Expository, descriptive, and creative

Reading and Literature

Comprehension and analysis


Life science, earth science, and physical science


Arithmetic, pre-algebra, algebra, and geometry

Computer Science

Computer science basics, computer anatomy, programming, and the command line

Sign-Up Process

Getting started with Peer Mentor Network is a simple process.

Step 1: Select a subject

To choose the subject in which you want to request tutoring, see our subject list.

Step 2: Fill out our online form

A parent or legal guardian can request tutoring for their student(s) with our easy-to-use online form. You will be asked to describe your student's personality so that we can match them with a tutor.

Sign up a student for tutoring

Step 3: Peer Mentor Network gathers recommendations regarding tutoring curriculum

Once a tutor has been assigned to your student, they will reach out to either you or a teacher for curriculum recommendations.


Step 4: Your Peer Mentor Network tutor reaches out to you and your child

Once we have received recommendations on what content we should cover with your student, the assigned tutor will reach out to you and your child to introduce themself and schedule a first meeting time.

Step 5: Your student joins an online tutoring session

During your first session, your tutor will introduce themself to your child. Sessions may include an introduction to the content, a review of concepts, new material, and looking to the future.

Step 6: Your child provides feedback on the tutoring session

Peer Mentor Network collects feedback from your child on the tutoring session and uses it to guide future meetings.


Peer Mentor Network uses the Google Meet™ video conferencing software to securely connect students with their tutors, without any physical contact.

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